What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand Up Paddling (also known as SUP), is a combination of surfing and traditional canoeing or kayaking. Generally, a rider stands up straight on a larger version of a longboard surfboard known as a paddlesurf board. Using a canoe-like paddle a rider propels themselves steadily across the water’s surface. For more information on riding in the waves check out our page on Paddle Boarding.

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Check out these videos on ‘How to Paddleboard’


SUP (Stand-up Padde boarding) is the fast-growing water sport/recreation in the world! The popularity of the sport started its roots in the Hawaiian Islands where surfers would stand on their long boards and ride the waves in. Now SUP is a mainstream sport and there is even talk that it will become an Olympic event.

This new, exciting, adventurous and peaceful water activity is easy and it’s fun and it gets you outdoors and on the water! The view from a Paddle board is incredible since you’re standing at your full height. You can see all the sea life before it sees you! You’ll encounter dolphins, manatees and/or schools of fish! It’s like walking on water! Along with all the fun SUP has great health benefits! It’s a full body work out, especially on those hard to get abs everyone is advertising and it is a green water sport, you provide the power.

You will find everything at Sarasota Wind and Water Adventures: rentals, lessons, parties, along with charity and corporate events. Deliveries on Siesta Key are free.

All Paddle Boards and equipment available for purchase! 

1 Hour (2 board minimum) $25
3 Hours (1/2 Day) $40
5 Hours (Full Day) $65
2+ Days $45/Day

Guided Tour:
Small Group 1-3 persons $45/1 hour/person
Large Group 4-8 persons $35/1 hour/person

Sales Tax Additional
$50 Deposit required on all Adventures.
Deposit Forfeited without 24 hour notice.

(Includes Board, Paddle, P.F.D., and Leash)
Siesta Key Free Delivery, other locations add $25.

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